Refund Policy

If Swwwift is not for you after purchase

If you have purchased a Swwwift website, you have 14 days to request a refund. Please contact the Swwwift team on [email protected]

Please remember, you do have access to a FREE 7-day personal demo in order to familiarise yourself with the CMS.

If payment is taken or made in error

Swwwift is a pay monthly, pay annually and one-off-payment platform, if you feel a payment has been made or charged in error, please email [email protected]

We are also available to email or Live chat instantly between 9 am – 5 pm Monday to Friday GMT.

All refunds will be investigated by our team, in order to help us with the speed of your investigation, we kindly ask that in all instances of dispute, you are able to provide us with the following information:

  • The Account Holders Name
  • The sum of money in dispute
  • The payment type; direct debit or a one-off-transaction
  • Any invoices, reference number received in relation to your purchase

Our aim is to resolve any dispute within 21 working days.

Please note: Not all dispute cases will result in a full, or partial refund. Swwwift prominently outlines its Terms of Service and makes all contracts and Direct Debits clear to our users prior to any billing and charges to your account.

Important Notice: No members of the Swwwift team will ask you for your card details. If you receive an email or telephone call requesting details this is likely to be fraudulent and would ask you to refrain from handing over any details. If you receive requests of this nature, you can email us: [email protected]

If you change your mind

Sorry, but after 14 days no refunds will be offered unless required by law. 

Like all contracts, if you decide to terminate then you will be expected to pay the remainder of the 12-month contract in full.

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