Swwwift vs Squarespace

Why would you choose Swwwift over using Squarespace? Well the answer is simple. Swwwift is a platform built by designers, for designers – it’s WordPress, with on-page editing through Gutenberg. Given that Swwwift has been founded by a no-code graphic designer who grew a web agency, we completely understand the frustrations of key pain points that people face when they use Squarespace.

Swwwift is positioned for graphic designers to easily sell websites to their clients with no coding required, with access to plugin libraries that make anything achievable – all with the support of Swwwift Experts.

Key differences with Swwwift compared to Squarespace

  • Swwwift sites are fully hosted and ready to go. (You’re not tied to Swwwift as you are with Squarespace)
  • Swwwift runs on WordPress Gutenberg – giving you the option to work with a template or with block patterns to create new pages in minutes
  • Swwwift is built by designers, for designers
  • Swwwift provides agency-level support without the wait times
  • Swwwift has a clear pricing structure, which won’t leave you scratching your head trying to work out which plan you should choose.
  • If your client needs bespoke development – we can offer this service (for adhoc fee-charging)
  • Swwwift actively teaches ways to grow profits selling websites. From complete beginners through to advanced website resellers.


Designing on Swwwift vs Squarespace

Designing on Swwwift is a very similar style. Using components and templates to build a page. If you like Squarespace’s app we can bank on you liking Gutenberg.

Swwwift pricing vs Squarespace

Swwwift’s clear pricing structure provides peace of mind that you’re paying a fee that doesn’t change based on your requirements. With Squarespace you’ll be spending time working out which of their four plans you should choose, some of which come with additional transaction fees should you be looking at e-commerce options. 


Swwwift support vs Squarespace

Squarespace has an extensive help center which categorises support for potential stumbling blocks. But should you want to jump on live chat you’ll be talking with a bot assistant. If you’re desperately needing to speak with support (which you cannot do over the phone) you’ll have to wait for a response after contacting Squarespace. You’ll likely be having to do some legwork yourself to find a solution for what you’re looking for, which will take up valuable time you don’t have.

At Swwwift everything is in one place, the Dashboard. Here you’ll find ‘how to’ articles, live chat support with a Swwwift Expert and the option to book a 1:1 consultation. 


Swwwift bespoke options and site development vs Squarespace

Every successful business needs a website that can grow alongside it. At Swwwift, we can simply pick up your site and transform it into the bespoke solution you or your client is looking for. 

Should you be looking for something similar with Squarespace you’ll have to explore their Enterprise web solutions – a different service to their standard website platform and plans. 

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